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Anti Hacking Tool

Defend against today's most devious attacks. Fully revised to include cutting-edge new tools for your security arsenal.

Data Recovery Tool

With our Advance Data Recovery Tool you are able to recover all the lost data without including those files which caused the data loss.

Network Protection

Protection is a controller of the network. With NAP, you will able to receive every important update on time.


Geeks Tech Services is an online marketing and technology company offering comprehensive PC technical support services for clients across the United States. Geeks Tech Services has excellent online tech support team comprising of certified experienced professionals who are committed to deliver the most appropriate solutions to fix all your computer- related issues. We deliver quick and reliable services for anyone who owns a PC.            

We guarantee the highest level of service to you, our valued customer. Our dedicated and continuous efforts to bring cutting edge solutions are valued by our clients who believe that our technological support service have helped them to stay ahead of their competitors. We not only resolve all your computer-related issues at affordable rates, but also educate you about the causes, so that you can avoid them from affecting your PC in the future. Geeks Tech Services is accountable to its customers and employees and is committed to deliver excellent results and aim for the highest levels of quality.

Our technical team is available 24 x 7 to solve any of your laptop, PC, Apple Macbook, iPad or Xbox/PlayStation related issues.Our remote preserve services can assure your laptop, PC, Apple Macbook, iPad issues are fixed securely and real time.

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Using Android Apps on Windows

BlueStacks isn’t perfect and is still in beta, but Lenovo will be shipping it on PCs soon, so they seem to think it’s good enough...

Taking care of your laptop's battery

Does it seem like no matter what you do, your computer is always out of battery power? It might be time to replace the battery. Every battery has a designed capacity—basically the amount of charge that it's designed to hold. Over time batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. This means that even though you're fully charging your battery, the actual amount of power that the battery can hold is going down.

  • Andrew Collins WA,USA

    Working with this company was a great experience, as they quickly understand and implement things, i will suggest this company for all major problems of computers

  • Phil Collins NY,USA

    My computer skills are limited, and several times we had either viruses or some computer glitch that left our business computer paralyzed. In all cases, Geeks Tech Services came to the rescue to bail us out. Thanks

  • Barbara Schwalls Virginia.,USA

    I feel that being honest and up front with people as Geeks Tech Services were with us they will surely be the computer techs to go with. The service was great not to mention the cost. They will have a very satisfied customer with us. Thank You


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Every issue will be solved online so you dont need to carry your machine to our store. .you just sit and relax and watch your machine get fixed.