February 9, 2017

Bruce D Brown

Economist (Oregon)

I have constantly viewed myself as to be a somewhat of a nerd. So when my CD drive slammed, I figured I could introduce another one myself. Indeed, a few hours and an excess of crisscrossed associations later, I surrendered and called Geeks Tech Services. Inside a couple of hours, their expert had helped me connect everything skillfully. Also, I had beforehand jerry-fixed a broken clip which obliged me to open the computer up every time; I expected to physically restart it. Geeks Tech Services people settled it as well and I haven’t had an issue following!

Wayne l Scheer

Accountant (Vermont)

My PC abilities are restricted, and a few times we had either infections or some technical glitch that left our business computer deadened. In all cases, Geeks Tech Services took on the hero’s role to safeguard us out. Fast pivot time, efficient repairs, and customized administration keep us faithful to their business. Much obliged!!!

Merrilee Goodrich

Freight Agents (Nevada)

I might want to give a testimonial to Geeks Tech Services: I simply valued out a PC with them where I required various screens (4), the quickest segments conceivable and the retail cost was in excess of ten thousand dollars. Since they work with all brand names, so they got me a Dell computer with the precise specs at half the evaluated price. In case you‘re searching for the right computer at the best cost, you have to address them – I can’t say how awed I am. Much obliged once more!

Marilyn L Bonkovsky

Auditing Clerks (Montana)

I feel that being fair and in advance with individuals as Geeks Tech Services were with us, they will definitely be the Geeks or nerds to run with. The administration was extraordinary at a nominal expense. They will have an extremely fulfilled client with us. Much thanks toGeeks Tech Services staff.

Kirk Gatzka

IT Professional (California)

Geeks Tech Services are altogether different from the average associations that appear to be appearing all around. With something as imperative as your PC systems, you most likely need a master managing any issue and Geeks Tech Services group fills the bill. They will take care of business and done effectively and in an auspicious way. You can count on them to provide a reliable solution always.