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Our remote hold is completely safe as you will be able to read the commands utilized by our technician for troubleshooting. Geeks Tech Services Guide certified technician can effectively resolve issues associated with installation or uninstallation of programs, upgrade, laptop optimization,Pc Optimization, laptop performance, registry File Error, malware Attacks, removal of all harmful files from your Pc ,Laptop, Macbok. Get upgrade Software Installed By our certified technicians Do It Your Self Support - At an equivalent time you will be able to follow the instructions given by our technician over the phone to resolve issues you are facing with your laptop, pc , Apple macbook, Ideapad

All you would like to attempt and do is interpret the trouble you are facing with your laptop and our technicians can begin working towards breakdown them. Our remote preserve services can assure your laptop, pc , Apple macbook, Ideapad, issues are fixed securely and real time.


Geeks Tech Services follow every protocol while working on your computer to insure safety and security.

Understand your problem first

Geeks Tech Services first undertsatnd your problem by listing you very carefully. completely understand your problem in very freindly way. we are never in hurry. you can write your problem in email to support@lockforsure.com. one of our repersentative will assist you soon.

Create sloution for problem

Geeks Tech Services works on every problem it doesn't matter how complicated the problem is. professionals of Geeks Tech Services study and work on problem in such a way so that in future you never face the same problems or related problems again and again. Geeks Tech Services is 100% safe.

Implement the solution

Geeks Tech Services implement the solutions by using appropriate tools which are highly safe and authorized by other administrators. Geeks Tech Services provides free tools for regular check-up for your system by your end so that you come to know about status of your machine any time.

Mail written documentation about work

Geeks Tech Services, after completion of work send you a email of entire work done on your computer plus the charges of services or the software purchased. you can contact with Geeks Tech Services any time on same email address any time. our representative will assist you at same time.

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Single Incident


  • One time support
  • Valid for only Time
  • Cover 1 device
  • NO-free sofware
  • 9:00am-9:00pm

3 Months


  • Unlimited time support
  • Valid for 0-90 days
  • Cover 1 device
  • NO-free sofware
  • 9:00am-9:00pm